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When is the last time you used your imagination? This week at Clubhouse camp, our preschoolers will be practicing using the creative gift God gave us – to imagine and dream big in “Imagination Station.” Imagination has been described as the hardest work for the human mind and perhaps the most God-like. Use your imagination in prayer, when you read your Bible, and as you seek God’s will in your life – it is a gift from God that moves knowledge into our hearts where we can feel it. To find out more about summer camps, click here for Preschool Clubhouse and Elementary Summer Programs.

Welcome to our school website! Grace Christian Schools has been serving the Saddleback Valley, as a ministry of Grace Community Church, since 1979. With over 35 years of experience, traditions, and an outstanding reputation, Grace Christian Schools continues to thrive. We offer preschool beginning at 2 years 6 months and continue into elementary grades Kindergarten through sixth grade.

We hope you will spend some time exploring our website and getting to know us. From our website you can access our tuition rates, program information, parent testimonies, school calendars (where you can skip ahead through months), detailed information about upcoming events on the What’s Happening pages, and much more! When you are ready, give us a call to schedule your visit. Come see what makes Grace Christian Schools so special!

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