Attendance Policy

California law requires students to be in regular attendance at school. It is the position of Grace Christian Schools’ elementary students that no student can be absent from his/her studies without running the risk of impeding academic progress. We understand absences for reasons of illness or family emergencies are unavoidable, but even when absences are excused they can still take a toll on a student’s progress. The following procedures apply:

General Attendance Policies:

1.  Parents/Guardians are to notify the School Office no later than 9:00AM if their student will be absent. This may be done through the website, under Absence Reporting, or by calling the school office at 949-951-8683, ext 4.

2.  A student should NEVER be sent to school if he or she has a cold or a fever of 100 degrees or above. Student should be fever free for 24 hours, without the aid of a fever reducing medicine before returning to school.

3.  Students arriving to school after 10:30AM, without an Excused Tardy*, will receive an absence.

4.  Students leaving school before 12:30PM, without an Excused Tardy*, will receive an absence.

5.  To avoid receiving an absence, a student must be in school at least four (4) hours of the school day.

6.  Students, with more than 15 absences per year, risk future attendance at GCS. A meeting between Principal and parents will be scheduled, in attempt to correct the situation.

7.  Perfect Attendance Awards are given out at the end of the school year to those students who have zero absences and zero tardies for the entire year.

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