Kindergarten Curriculum & Academics

• 22:2 (Kindergarten includes Instructional Aide).
BIBLE:• God tells us His great story (meta-narrative) in the Bible.
• God’s Word is truth.
• The great story is the gospel of Jesus Christ and our need of saving faith through Him.
• Knowledge, wisdom, and understanding comes from a life grounded in the Scriptures.
• Becoming a spiritually formed disciple of Jesus is impossible without knowing God's Word.
• Developing a vital and authentic Christian worldview requires study, worship, and disciplined practice.
• Textbook: Bible Purposeful Design (ACSI).
CHAPEL:• 35-45 Minutes, 1 Day a Week (With all elementary student body).
MATHEMATICS:• Instructional emphasis: representing, relating, and operating on whole numbers initially with sets of objects. Describing shapes and space.
• Number and Operations: represent, count, and write 0 to 20 and beyond. Addition, subtraction, geometry, positions, measurement, and data.
• Textbook: Go Math (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt).
• Preparing to read: sounds and letters, phonemic awareness, phonics and fluency, word knowledge.
• Reading and responding: comprehension and strategies, inquiry.
• Language Arts: spelling, vocabulary, writing process strategies, writer’s craft, English language conventions, grammar, usage, mechanics, listening, speaking, viewing, penmanship, basic computer skills.
• Textbook: Open Court Reading Program-Workbooks (Sounds and Letter Skills, Language Arts Skills), decodable booklets (SRA/McGraw-Hill).
• Special Activities: Bowers Kidseum, Crab Lab, and Ocean Institute.

• Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, Earth Sciences, Investigation and experimentation.
• Learning & Working Now & Long Ago: Understand that being a good citizen involves acting in certain ways, recognize national and state symbols and icons, match simple description of work people do, calendar, days, weeks, and months in proper order, understand that history relates to events, people, and places of other times.
• Special activity: Centennial Farms.
HOMEWORK:• 5 minutes per night.
COMPUTER:At Grace we love to have fun with technology. During our weekly sessions in the computer lab we explore technology and teach students to use it in a fun, safe and responsible way. Whether the kids are learning math, language arts, or science, we use technology to enhance the classroom experience.
• Basic computer components and their uses.
• How to open, print & save a file.
• Internet basics and safety.
• Pixie drawing program.
SPANISH:Our Spanish curriculum is an interactive curriculum using mainly music, games and fun activities to make learning a positive experience. Our curriculum also includes a Christian program in Spanish. This involves activities such as coloring and some workbook activities to reinforce Christian principals and to express God’s love. The students will also learn some Sunday school and Christmas songs throughout the year.
• Learn basic listening and speaking skills such as using common social greetings and simple repetitive phrases.
• Learn to ask and answer simple questions using simple sentences.
• Students will begin to speak with a few words by using single words or phrases.
• Be able to respond to simple directions.
• Basic greeting skills, basic personal introduction skills, the Spanish alphabet, colors, parts of the body, numbers 1 – 20, expressing simple emotions, animals, food items and meals of the day, special holidays and traditions.
ART:Our Art Program focuses on the basic elements and principles of Art encompassing past and present artists with various styles and techniques. Each student will create their own Art portfolio with the collection of all their art work throughout the year. Students use sketchbooks every class for design, practice, discovery, and exploration. All classes meet once a week for 45 minutes. Each month is dedicated to a specific artist, skill or theme, and creative projects are varied according to the grade level. It is believed that Art develops critical thinking and problem solving skills that will empower students throughout their lives. Our goal is to expose and educate students to appreciate the diversity in all art forms. Every year we build upon the skills and introduce new medium and tools.
• Students are introduced to the elements and principles of Art.
• Use of lines & shapes in their drawings.
• Learning to use and identify the basic tools in art, such as scissors, glue, paint, etc.
• Students learn to express themselves through art.
• Emphasis is on children’s book art with stories by Eric Carle, “Pete the Cat,” “A Beautiful Oops,” among others.
LIBRARY:The main objectives of our Library Program are to encourage students to develop a love of reading, assisting student in selecting books appropriate to their age and reading levels based on Lexile reading scores, and to provide opportunities to build reading comprehension through the Reading Counts Program.
• Learn the parts of a book.
• Fiction & non-fiction genres.
• Develop reading comprehension.
• Learn appropriate book selection.
MUSIC:In our Music Program, students will learn the art of performance as they prepare for two or more performances during the year. Through performing, students will gain self-confidence, stage presence, plus musical and theater experience. Students will be taught how to audition and will play theater games to develop skills. During the rehearsal process for the spring musical, students learn to project, acting, & re-acting. Students will also begin the foundation on which they will build, year after year, the tools needed in which to learn how to read music. These tools include, identifying rhythms, notes, & dynamic markings. The process by which they will learn is mostly playing musical games and activities. In addition, students will learn how to properly sing, including breath control.
The Physical Education Program focuses on fitness and health concepts, skill development and sportsmanship. The goal is to provide each student the tools needed to lead healthy and active lifestyles with a positive attitude.
• Focus is on balance, coordination, flexibility, & motor skills, as well as manipulative skills.
• Presidential Fitness Program.

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