Developmental Screening

The decision as to when a child should enter the school system, either public or private, is one of the most important decisions a parent must make. Every January, the preschool offers Chancy and Bruce Developmental Screening to all our students, which is optional and at the parents expense (usually about $50.00). This assessment tool offers parents valuable insight into their child’s school readiness and processing skills in areas that are needed for formal learning. Social-emotional maturity and attention span maturity are also profiled. We encourage this testing , especially for parents who would be making the decision for Kindergarten or providing the “Gift of Time” for their child. Following the developmental testing, a developmental workshop is offered to our parents in the evening to receive the test results and an explanation as to how to interpret the data. Parents are also given tools and counseling on making the decisions as to whether the student should or should enter Kindergarten in the Fall.

Chancy and Bruce Educational Resources, Inc.

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