Discipline Policy

Discipline is handled as each unique situation demands and is always done lovingly and gently. It is our desire to promote and secure the development of a positive, healthy self-esteem. The teachers demonstrate kind, loving, positive reinforcement techniques, as we strive to reinforce and stimulate good attitudes and behavior.

Unacceptable behavior is handled in a low-key discussion between teacher and child. The child may then be re-directed to another activity. If an unacceptable behavior continues to be repeated, and especially if the well-being of the child or his/her classmates are in jeopardy, then the child is given a “time-out” and removed from the activity in progress.

If the problem persists, the child will be removed to the Director’s Office for a period of time and then returned to the classroom. The Director will discuss the situation with the child, and the parent will be notified of the incident for proper follow-up.

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