Enrollment Process

Elementary enrollment into Grace Christian Schools is obtained by completing the Online Application for Enrollment, testing, and a family interview with the Principal. Grace Christian Schools requires that a child must be five-years old by September 1 to be eligible for Kindergarten, and subsequently a year older by September 1 for the following grades, i.e. six-years old for First Grade, seven-years old for Second Grade, etc.

The online application is for new families or new children of current GCS families only.
For reenrollment of current GCS students (including preschool), reenroll through your ParentsWeb account.


Limited space is available for the current school year.
Contact Kim Wininger, Elementary School Office Manager, 949-951-8683, ext. 101,
for placement availability.

The enrollment process begins by completing the Online Application for Enrollment. A payment of $375*, a NON-REFUNDABLE registration fee, must be submitted with each application. Once you submit the application, we will reserve placement and follow up by email. *Refundable only if your child is not accepted for enrollment.

It is our goal to make sure Grace Christian Elementary School is the right place for your child’s education. The first step of this process is a student assessment by his/her prospective teacher. A testing time will be scheduled, by the school office, once your enrollment forms packet has been submitted.
In addition, Kindergarten entry requires a “Kindergarten Readiness Test” through Chancy & Bruce Educational Resources. Subsequent grades do not need a Chancy & Bruce test, but we do require the most recent Report Card.
Parents of new student applicants meet with the Principal to review their child’s testing results, discuss school policies, and get answers to any questions. If a registration fee balance is due, it will be invoiced on your account and must be paid to complete the enrollment process and guarantee your child’s placement. If your child is not accepted for enrollment in the elementary school, your $200 payment will be refunded.

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