Preschool School Information

On September 24, 1979, after the Elders and a Preschool Committee, consisting of eight members of Grace Community Church, had approved a Director and staff to fulfill a vision of a Christian School, the doors of Grace Christian Preschool opened to 81 children. During that first school year, the 7-member staff grew to 10, and the number of attending children grew to 104. With a limited budget, no loans, and much creativity, the preschool utilized the countless donations of time, materials, and money donated by many Church families. In 2005, Grace Christian Elementary School came under the leadership of Grace Christian Preschool. Today, both schools are combined as one, Grace Christian Schools (GCS), with grades Preschool through Elementary. Grace Christian Schools continues with the same high standards and spirit, ministering to an enrollment of approximately 325 preschool-age children, from the church and surrounding community. Today, our preschool program is accredited with the Association of Christian Schools, International ACSI, offering a well-developed, quality program, an excellent facility, and a dedicated, professional staff of about 30.

Serving the Saddleback Valley for over 30 years, our Preschool has developed a quality program. We have an excellent facility, and a dedicated, professional staff of approximately 30 Christian women. Our school continues with the same high standards and spirit, ministering to an enrollment of approximately 325 children from the Church and surrounding community.

Preschool Sessions Available:
AM SESSIONS – 8:30 to 11:30AM
Tuesday/Thursday (TTH) • Wednesday/Friday (WF)
• Monday/Tuesday/Thursday (MTTH) • Monday/Wednesday/Friday (MWF)
• Monday-Friday (M-F) Pre-Kindergarten and Transitional Kindergarten only
Lunch Bunch – 11:30AM to 12:30PM

PM SESSIONS – 12:30 to 3:30PM
Tuesday/Thursday (TTH) • Monday/Tuesday/Thursday (MTTH)


“Above and Beyond” Extended Day program is offered daily, M-F, 11:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m. for AM students and 3:30-5:30 p.m. for PM students.

DAILY SCHEDULE: The following is a basic overview of your child’s time spent in preschool for both morning and afternoon sessions. Inside and outside schedules are rotated among classes to allow more room for playing on the playground. Variations to this schedule can be made according to class and teacher desires. In addition, inside and outside times may change due to weather and/or special events.

AM ClassesDaily ActivitiesPM Classes
8:30-8:45“APE” Time: “APE” means Action-Packed Experience-an engaging and curiosity-provoking transition time, in which the children will participate in a fun, Teacher-planned activity. “APE” time will be used as a transition for parents not able to get their child to school by the new early start time. Also will allow children to get wiggles out before sitting down to Opening Circle Time. 12:30-12:45
8:45-9:05/9:15Opening Circle Time: Children are individually greeted. Starts with reading a Bible Story and prayer time. “Helping-Hands” tasks are given out, discuss calendar, weather, daily themes, etc.12:45-1:05/1:15
9:15-9:55Outside Time: Free play, play dough/clay, easel painting, bike-riding, gardening, swinging, feeding animals, crafts, nature walks, water play, carpentry, etc.1:15-1:55
10:00-10:15Chapel: Bible stories, Christian concepts, song, prayer, honor birthdays.2:00-2:15
10:15-10:30Snack: The Preschool provides a daily snack.2:15-2:30
10:30-11:10Inside Time: Free play, music, creative arts/crafts, blocks, books/quiet time, dramatic play, science/nature, “Show and Tell” sharing, records/listening, stories, cognitive learning through games, etc.2:30-3:10
11:15-11:30Closing Circle Time: Stories, sharing, music, etc.3:15-3:30
Various TimesMotor Development *Various Times
Various TimesMusic ** Various Times
11:30–12:30Lunch Bunch: Only for those with pre-reservations11:30-12:30
11:30–5:30 Above & Beyond: Extended Day for those with pre-reservations. Includes time to eat lunch, rest time, creative play and exploration of current month’s curriculum themes.11:30–5:30

* Classes go to Motor Development, once a week. Motor Development time is where emphasis is given to balance, spatial relationships, body image, eye-body-foot-hand coordination, hopping, jumping, and skipping skills, etc. We will be working on the basic systems of the body, including the vestibular, bilateral, proprioceptive and motor planning system. Activities are designed for each class, taking into consideration appropriate skill and age levels.

**Through singing and body movement, children will learn the fundamentals of music. Their experience will include exposure to various instruments, rhythm training, ear training, and of course, lots of fun.

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