Sensory Screening

Every year, Grace Christian Schools makes health screening available to our students through the mobile service, Southern California Sensory Screening (SCSS),

SCSS has specialized in childhood hearing, vision, and speech/language screening since 1980. Their staff is highly qualified and they test thousands of children each year. The tests are simple to follow, very accurate, and usually less expensive than many pediatricians’ well-child checkups. The screening is done during the normal school day while your child is with us.

Vision screening includes tests for distance vision and muscle balance. You may also request color blindness screening.

Hearing screening is very useful in early detection of signs of temporary hearing loss, usually due to colds or ear infections, even before your child may be aware of the problem. Pediatricians do not perform speech assessments, nor is our staff trained in this area; it is highly recommended that you have your child participate in this screening to determine his or her age-appropriate speech and language skills.

You will receive a complete written report on your child’s performance after the screening is done. If  your child needs further evaluation, you will have the findings in writing to take with you to your pediatrician or other health care professional.

Our school takes childhood health issues very seriously, which is why we invite SCSS to offer this yearly program. We hope you will show your concern as well and sign up your child now for this effective and inexpensive screening service.

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