Recommended Websites for Students

Kid Friendly Research:
Educational General:
FUNBRAIN - Tons of fun games for kids to learn everything from Language Art to Math.
LEARNING PLANET - Choose your grade level and then your activity.
ARCADEMIC SKILL BUILDERS - Multi-player games for math and language arts. Select which you want to practice and then join a game.
FUNSCHOOL - Hundreds of games for Math, Language Arts, Science, Geography and History and Art and Music. Many games on this sight are for older kids (2-6 grade). Click on the Pre-school link to find games for younger (K-1 grade) kids.
STARFALL - Great for younger kids to learn reading and letters.
PBSKIDS - Lots of learning activities that incorporate all your favorite PBS characters.
ABCya! - Games by grade level.
TYPING TEST - One minute test to check WPM typing speed and lots of games to practice keyboarding skills.
DANCE MAT TYPING - Fun typing program. The kids will enjoy the characters with an English accents.
Educational Math:
XTRAMATH - A website to help kids master basic math facts. This site has been highly recommended by one of our Teachers.
A PLUS MATH - Math games to help practice math facts.
AAA MATH - Choose your grade level and topic. See a lesson and then practice your math facts.
SKILLSWISE - Math practice for whole numbers, measurements, fractions and decimals.
MATH MAGICIAN - Practice your math facts and be a math magician.
NUMBER NUT - Lots of math activities but you need to know how to read to play games (ie: not for younger kids).
LAND OF ADVENTURES - Fun math games for younger students.
COOLMATH4KIDS - Tons of fun math games.
Educational Language Arts
PUNCTUATION PAINTBALL - Click on the correct punctuation then click on the part of the sentence that needs changing and fire!
Educational Faith:
WONDER ZONE - Daily devotionals, games, exciting adventures and activities.
KID BUILDER - Helping kids learn about what the Bible says. Make sure to check out the videos and take the quiz afterwards!
ANSWERING GENESIS - Offering videos, information about animals, and activities - in a very high quality format.
WYCLIFFE KIDS - Besides games, puzzles, stories, and quizzes, you can go on an adventure to find out about the Bible being translated and how missionaries are involved!
VEGGIE TALES - Fun with a Biblical twist. Play with your food! Your favorite veggies are all here with games and puzzles.

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