Classroom Supply Lists

The 2017/2018 school year supply lists, for each grade level, are shown below. Supplies need to be dropped off to your child’s classroom at “Meet the Teacher” on Monday, August 21, 2017.

New this year: Order your school supplies online! Open this 2017-2018 Brick By Brick for more information.

Don’t waste your summer running around town looking for school supplies! At an average of 50% off of retail pricing, Grace Christian Schools has found the best quality and prices for the brands that our teachers requested. Simply follow these easy steps to order online today!

• Go to
• Enter Grace Christian in the first search field
• Click on the “Parents” dropdown
• Click on “Buy School Supply Kits”
• Click on each grade to view the contents and follow the prompts to select your delivery date and purchase!
• Lunch Boxes and Backpacks are not included in the Kit.
• You are done with your school supply shopping!
• Enjoy your summer!

School Supplies are shipped to your home from Office Depot at no additional cost (some items, if noted, ship to the school). All orders will ship in 2-3 business days at no additional cost.

If you prefer to purchase your own supplies, please refer to the specific grade level list below.

2017-2018 Kindergarten School Supply List

2017-2018 1st Grade School Supply List

2017-2018 2nd Grade School Supply List

2017-2018 3rd Grade School Supply List1

2017-2018 4th Grade School Supply List

2017-2018 5th Grade School Supply List

2017-2018 6th & 7th Grade School Supply List

Parents Elementary School Supplies Image


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