Parent/Teacher Conferences

Our teachers have Parent/Teacher conferences twice a year. In the fall, shortly after the beginning of the school year, we have an informal Parent/Teacher conference which allows the teacher to inform parents on their child’s adjustments to school and progress made thus far. Any concerns are addressed at this time. Parents are invited to work alongside their child’s teacher in partnering together in an effort to help the child through these areas.

A second Parent/Teacher conference is offered at various times from January to March depending on the age of the child. This is more of a formal conference using a detailed assessment of the child, including all the developmental areas. Teachers begin observing the children on the first day of school. Anecdotal records are kept on each individual child throughout the school year.

Prior to the formal Parent/Teacher conference, parents are invited and encouraged to sign-up for a “Come Play with Me” day. This time will be used for the parent to enjoy interacting with their child during a preschool class setting. Parents will gain new insight into their child’s development by observing him/her as he/she interacts in a school setting, along with gaining helpful information from the teacher.

Additional observations and conferences may be scheduled if the parent and/or teacher find it necessary to do so.

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