Testimonials from Our Elementary School Families

“We love GCS and the Christ centered teaching our boys have by attending. To watch our boys mature in their faith is priceless. We will continue to share our testimony as we truly are blessed to have the opportunity to have our boys enrolled in such a positive, encouraging, loving, Christ centered environment. It is truly a blessing to have my boys at GCS. Love the community my husband and I have with the families here.” – Mom of a GCS Preschooler and Elementary Student

“Dear GCS Elementary Student Council Leadership Team, Thank you for volunteering your time at the Backstage Pass event. I enjoyed learning about the kindergarten program, but what impressed me the most was you. As I consider what school to send my children to, one of my biggest concerns is peer influence. I know my children will look to other students as examples and want to emulate their behavior. I know older students will have an influence on who my children want to become. I watched you interact with my children in the bounce house, and was very impressed. I watched you look out for my children, include them, and play with them. As I saw your character and leadership, it put my mind at ease. Thank you. As ambassadors of GCS you have represented the school well, and have given me confidence in enrolling my children here. Please know that your character and leadership skills can have a powerful impact on other people, and if you continue to develop the compassion, inclusion, and leadership skills I saw that day, you will be very successful in life. With gratitude…” Parent of a GCS Preschooler

“I absolutely love Grace Christian Schools. We have two sons who attend the school (2nd and 3rd grade) and we couldn’t be happier with the program, teachers, and staff. My husband and I are thrilled to have our kids in such a nurturing environment, and love it when they come home singing songs about Jesus. Our sons look forward to going to school every day, in fact, my oldest son once said he wished he could go to school on the weekends. Their teachers make learning fun, and it seems like every week there is something exciting to look forward to such as crazy hair day, pajama day, a field trip, etc.  Sending our kids to a private school has been a bit of a pinch to the pocketbook, but a very worthwhile investment. I highly recommend Grace Christian Schools.”  Elementary Parent

“After being a part of the Grace Elementary Family, the individual love and support are priceless. I know most people are enduring a financial hardship, but the knowledge, love, support and religious foundation the children receive at Grace Elementary, are truly invaluable. The foundation our children acquire at Grace are stepping stones for their future. I can’t imagine not being a part of the Grace Elementary family. It is the difference between good teachers and teachers that love their jobs and each child, on an individual level.” Elementary Parent

“My child is so confident and enthusiastic about learning! She has grown in leaps and bounds. I can’t speak highly enough about the efforts the Grace staff gives to make a loving and positive learning experience. It’s been a Super Kindergarten Year!”
Elementary Parent

“Grace Christian School provides a loving, fun and exciting environment for kids to grow and learn.  The incredible staff members truly have a heart for Jesus.  GCS values our children’s character development and partners with the families to help our children succeed and shine.” Elementary Parent

“If I had to summarize Grace in a word it would be “heart” – it is at the root of everything at Grace from the care of the office staff to the passion of the teachers and is reflected in the children and parents who are touched daily. It is a school built on the love of Christ. We absolutely LOVE Grace.” Elementary Parent

“There hasn’t been a day that I’ve regretted having my children enrolled in Grace. To hear my son tell me that he hates to miss any school days and to see him greeted with hugs from classmates when he arrives at school, reminds me of my wonderful school experiences decades ago.  The Christ-centered environment and the intimate classroom setting are essential to the kind of educational environment I want for my children in during their most impressionable years.” Elementary Parent

“I could not ask any more from the staff, and principal of Grace. In an era of shifting values, they remain committed to Christian principles and to serving Christ through their various school ministries.  Each of my children’s teachers has demonstrated the kind of love, patience, and faith-affirming influence that I was hoping was still possible in today’s educational institutions.  Thank you Sandi (the school principal) for your personal and professional commitment to Grace and for assembling such a great office staff and teachers!” Elementary Parent

“I just really treasure every day my kids are at Grace.  I feel blessed that they are receiving quality, personalized education while at the same time incorporating God in their daily lives – not just on Sundays.  There are few words to describe how that will shape the rest of their lives. It’s a blessing to see my kids so excited about learning academics and making up songs about God while they are at home because of the way they are taught at Grace.  They teach about how each person in unique and loved in God’s eyes and how to appreciate other people in that same way.  All the teachers my kids have had have treated them as an individual and helped me appreciate and enhance my child’s special gifts. I love how they are allowed and encouraged to talk about God, Jesus and biblical teachings – so different than what is allowed in the public schools.  It makes me so sad to find out the educators in our public schools aren’t allowed to talk about Christianity.  The responsibility is on the kids. I think it is really the faces and actions of the children that really show and tell how they are treated and respected at Grace.  They are happy, well-adjusted, respectful of others, while at the same time, excel in academics due to the smaller class sizes, individualized teaching, and commitment to Christian values. Family support is also encouraged as well as time spent on community service and caring for others.  These are fundamental to training our children in the proper way to grow up and be responsible in this world.  I just thank God we had the opportunity to have our children attend Grace for every day they were there.  I feel confident it is the best education we could have given them at such an influential and crucial time in their lives.” Elementary Parent

“This school is more like a fellowship of believers, raising up children to live Christ-centered lives. Challenging them academically, relationally, and spiritually.” Elementary Parent

“My son has been raised in a Christian home and has been going to church since he was born.  He is in Kindergarten at Grace and has grown so much this year in his relationship with God!  He’s memorizing lots of scripture, asking thoughtful, theological questions and loves to pray.  I am surprised and delighted at how much a Christian school education has impacted his life. Grace Christian teachers are amazing!  They love and care for kids in a way that you won’t find at any other school!  Walk around the campus and you’ll observe adults everywhere encouraging, motivating, and caring for kids.  It is a safe, loving place to learn!” Elementary Parent

“Grace, where children are encouraged through Scripture and Biblical Teaching to find their purpose.  Our 6-year-old began to write her own fictional story this morning.  Our 3-year-old recites Bible verses to all the family members.” Elementary Parent

“Not only is Grace giving my son a top-notch education, they are also developing a caring and compassionate little boy!”
Elementary Parent

“Starting with preschool and now in 3rd grade, our grandson loves to go to school here.  We really like the teacher-student ratio he has had.” Elementary Grandparents

“You just CANNOT beat the student-teacher ratio at Grace. The teachers truly love and care for each and every child, and the results are nothing short of excellent. Academically, all the kids are well above average, which is fantastic. But of utmost importance to me is the development of loving, compassionate kids who are taught about the love of Jesus and his awesome gift to us. The school’s mission to be Christ-centered is definitely being fulfilled, and for that I am extremely grateful.” Elementary Parent

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