Curriculum Guide

Daily Schedule

The following is a basic overview of your child’s time spent in preschool for both morning and afternoon sessions. Inside and outside schedules are rotated among classes to allow more room for playing on the playground. Variations to this schedule can be made according to class and teacher desires. In addition, inside and outside times may change due to weather and/or special events.

AM Classes Daily Activities PM Classes
7:00-8:30 Breakfast Club (optional): To help provide working parents a safe place for their child to start an early morning, Grace Christian Preschool provides a special time in the morning before regular preschool for children to start their morning with enrichment opportunities and of course some extra cuddles.
8:30-8:45 “APE” Time: “APE” means Action-Packed Experience-an engaging and curiosity-provoking transition time, in which the children will participate in a fun, Teacher-planned activity. “APE” time will be used as a transition for parents not able to get their child to school by the new early start time. Also will allow children to get wiggles out before sitting down to Opening Circle Time. 12:30-12:45
8:45-9:05/9:15 Opening Circle Time: Children are invited to join their teacher in Circle Time. The calendar, weather and daily schedule are discussed. Monthly curriculum themes are introduced through stories and interactive activities. Language skills are reinforced as they participate in discussions. Alphabet letters are introduced through the Alpha Friends Phonics program.  Circle time also includes Bible Time. “Helping-Hands” tasks are given out, and the Helper of the Day leads the group with Jobs. 12:45-1:05/1:15
9:15-9:55 Outside Time: Child-directed/Teacher guided play, dough/clay, easel painting, art, Large Motor skills – bike-riding, ball games (soccer, kickball, basketball) climbing, swinging, feeding animals, crafts, Natural Science experiences – gardening/nature walks, water play, caring for animals, carpentry, etc 1:15-1:55
10:00-10:15 Chapel: Bible stories, Christian concepts, song, prayer, honor birthdays. 2:00-2:15
10:15-10:30 Snack: The Preschool provides a daily snack. 2:15-2:30
10:30-11:10 Inside Time: Child-directed/Teacher guided play, music, creative arts/crafts, block building – incorporating math and engineering, books/quiet time, dramatic play, science/nature – following the monthly Curriculum Guide, “Show and Tell” sharing, records/listening, stories, cognitive learning through learning activities, etc. 2:30-3:10
11:15-11:30 Closing Circle Time: Stories, sharing, music, etc. 3:15-3:30
Various Times Music and Movement * Various Times
11:30–12:30 Lunch Bunch: Only for those with pre-reservations 11:30-12:30
11:30–6:00 Above & Beyond: Extended Day for those with pre-reservations. Includes time to eat lunch, rest time, creative play and exploration of current month’s curriculum themes. 11:30–5:30
  • Classes go to Music and Movement, once a week. Music and Movement is a class where the emphasis is on body movement, singing, and the fundamentals of music. For body movement there is an emphasis on balance, spatial relationships, body image, eye-body-foot-hand coordination, hopping, jumping, and skipping skills, etc. We will be working on the basic systems of the body, including the vestibular, bilateral, proprioceptive, and the motor planning system. Then for Music their experience will include exposure to various instruments, rhythm training, ear training, and of course, lots of fun. Activities are designed for each class, taking into consideration appropriate skill and age levels.