Mission Statement

Grace Christian Schools endeavors to help children develop and mature in a positive, Christ-centered environment that integrates faith and learning by emphasizing Biblical training and academic excellence.

Vision Statement

Grace Christian Schools is committed to providing a Christ-centered education integrating spiritual, academic, social, physical, and emotional training, leading to a life of commitment and service to God.

Core Values

Grace Christian Schools staff subscribe to the following statements of philosophy:

  • Partner with families to introduce God’s plan and teach Jesus’ love for the Student encouraging His values and character in their lives (Jeremiah 29:11 & John 13:34).
  • Partner with families by providing opportunities and resources to increase their knowledge of student’s development and parenting skills (Genesis 18:19).
  • Provide children with a safe, loving, and nurturing environment where students can experience success and failure (Isaiah 54:13).
  • Provide opportunities for each student to build self-worth and confidence (Joshua 1:9).
  • Provide opportunities for students to interact with peers and adults outside the family unit Hebrews 10:24-25).
  • Provide students with age-appropriate curriculum and emergent activities, which encompass all areas of the student’s development (Psalm 78:1-4).

World View

Grace Christian Schools, out of a love for the Lord Jesus Christ, has a desire and commitment to the following:

  • Teach students biblical truths that they can integrate into all knowledge.
  • Teach students the ability to coherently articulate those Godly truths.
  • Teach students to measure all knowledge based on those biblical truths (John 17:17-19).
  • Present a well-developed educational program, provided by a dedicated administration and staff that is committed to meeting the particular needs within the community.