History of Grace Christian Schools

Grace Christian Preschool opened its doors in 1979. After several years of successful early childhood education, and sharing a desire to continue our students’ Christian education, the Elders of Grace Community Church approved the establishment of Grace Community Elementary School, to provide a Christ-centered education for the families of the Saddleback Valley. Grace Community Elementary School opened September 2004, with an enrollment of 20 Kindergarten students. In 2005, Grace Community Elementary School came under the leadership of Grace Christian Preschool to become Grace Christian Elementary School. In 2017, Grace Christian Jr. High School opened with 23 students. Today, all schools combine as one: Grace Christian Schools (GCS) with grades Preschool through Jr. High. GCS is founded on the principle that education is to prepare the student in body, mind, and spirit for a life that will be lived according to the dictates and character of the Bible, leading to a life of service for God.